I had used Heimer Engeineering services in the past to inspect homes before purchasing.

I previously worked with an inspector named Victor. Victor was professional, courteous, through, and answered questions that were asked. Basically, I was satisfied with the quality of work.

Today, an inspector named Frank Drost arrived to the property over 30 minutes late.

Upon meeting him I brought my concerns to his attention. Frank stated that he would like to do a walk through of the building first then he will address my concerns. After Franks spent about an hour inspecting the building we met and he began reviewing his report.

Frank report omited many of the issues present. When I brought several of them to his attention he stated "Well, I didn't think it was important". His tone was condencinding, as though he was annoyed by me asking a question. My response is that I am paying for a service. I am the customer and any question that I have concerning the inspection deserves an answer and should be taken seriously.

Frank conducted himself in a disrespectful manner by raising his voice, and using sarcasim.

This type of conduct is unprofessional. I am not his friend, or someone on the street. I am a customer who hired him to provide a service.

Because, I did not want the situation to esculate I stepped outside and called his supervisor named Howard. I informed Howard of Frank's unprofessional behavior and my complaints about the inspection rendered. For example: After Frank claimed to complete the inspection. Several occassions I pointed out my concerns. Frank response was " Oh, I didn't notice that. Then he took notes" This lead me to believe that Frank inspection was not through and that he is incompntent.

Product or Service Mentioned: Heimer Engineering Home Inspection.

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Brooklyn, New York, United States #1115835

I cancelled an appointment with Heimer because of the reviews on this site and hired a home inspector. The home inspector did a crappy job, and sent a three-page report to my lawyer.

My lawyer said the home inspector report was a waste of money, and I needed an Engineer like Heimer. I told my lawyer about the complaints.

My lawyer reminded me about all of the false negative complaints about my company.

I hired Heimer to do the same house, and their engineer found a lot of stuff the home inspector missed. So don't listen to these *** negative reviews.

Hicksville, New York, United States #1059140

Did you buy the house? Did Frank find things that are wrong?

It sounds to me like you were bugging the inspector the whole time.

You never once say the inspector missed anything in the report. All you say is that when you were walking through you asked questions faster than the inspector could answer them.


I had the house I was buying inspected and the selling broker was wearing a low cut dress. When she leaned over, her cleavage was too visible. Was she trying to influence the inspector?

to Anonymous Hicksville, New York, United States #1059141

Was the inspector a male or female? If you haven't noticed, lots of woman wear low-cut dresses in this area.

I doubt the inspector saw anything he or she had never seen before.

New Hyde Park, New York, United States #972006

First, you spelled Heimer Engineering wrong. It is Heimer Engineering, I checked on the web.

I hate people who don't check spelling, they are so lazy.

The reason for writing this. I had a question about a Heimer Engineering inspection from last week, and am so embarrassed! :$ :$ :$ The buyers may not be buying the house, and its my fault.

My parents are selling our house, and I was the only one home when the inspector came. I was wearing tee shirt, but no bra.

I didn't do it on purpose, I am so modest usually. I don't even wear a bikini at the beach. But I just threw on the tee after my shower and forgot. Do you think this will make the home inspector give my house bad grades so the buyers didn't want it?

I am afraid to ask mom and dad or the real estate broker. Maybe someone here can answer my question.

Thank you so much. :-)


I am a teenager, and mom and dad are selling our house. The inspector's coming tomorrow and I have a question.

I have some vodka hidden in the basement. Will the inspector find the vodka and tell my parents?

to Lionel #988895

You should get rid of the vodka and spend time studying in school.

London, England, United Kingdom #865564

You are such a nasty one.


Your review seems a bit odd. You are missing something important.

What questions did he not want to answer? Why didn't you put that information in the review? I don't know what to make of your review. Please respond with more details.

Thank you. :-)

Malverne, New York, United States #861032

I cancelled my appointment with Heimer Engineering because of your review. I searched on the internet, and got an incompetent "licensed home inspector".

First, the Mr. licensed home inspector called me honey, but I accepted that. But Mr. licensed home inspector didn't know anything.

I was referred to Heimer Engineering by my attorney, broker, and a friend. I should have used them first.

So I had to call Heimer, and told them I needed an inspection the next day or I would lose the house. It was after the end of the day on a Wednesday, and I left a message. And an Engineer there named Harold called me back.

He said he didn't have anyone available for the next day, but he could make some calls and rearrange the schedule. 10 minutes later, Harold called back and he said he changed his schedule so he could personally do the inspection.

Harold came the next day (I think he owns the company), and did a great job. First, Harold is a licensed engineer. Mr.

licensed home inspector told me there were wiring problems. Harold said this was old wiring, and that it was outdated and should be upgraded. But he explained that this was the way houses were wired in 1935. Why didn't Mr.

licensed inspector tell me that. Harold also showed me how the slate roof was deteriorated, and the termite damage. I didn't buy the house. I was saved from a bad house.

:-) If I listened to Mr. licensed inspector, who knows what bad would have happened.

But I had to pay Mr. licensed inspector, and he charged me more because he told me it was an extra $125 for a termite inspection, and than he suggested radon (which the health department told me was a waste in Malverne), but I paid Mr. licensed inspector for it.

Then I had to pay Heimer Engineering to do the job right.

I had another house inspected a little while later. This inspection was on Saturday, and I wanted Harold. But Saturdays are religious sabbath holidays for him because he is Jewish I think, and he could not do the inspection. So Heimer sent another Engineer.

Guess what, he was good, too. Much better than Mr. licensed inspector.

You and the other fool who posted bad reviews are idiots.

You cost me money, and I almost bought a bad house. Stop posting bad reviews when you don't know what your are talking about.

Queens, New York, United States #858421

Heimer Home Inspections killed the deal by finding termites and water in the basement. The person I bought the house from hid them from me, and I thought it was only fair to do the same.

But Heimer Home Inspections found it, and now the girl's not buying my house.

Boo-hiss on Heimer Home Inspections. I'm not letting them inspect for the next buyer.

East Meadow, New York, United States #856588

I am a broker and had Heimer do an inspection. Yea, they killed the deal, because the seller lied to me when I took the listing.

At least they are honest. I could have gotten in trouble, because the seller gave me forged papers which I didn't bother to verify. Thank you Heimer.

And to that Rob L guy, sellers don't fix things. Don't blame Heimer because the seller doesn't do what you want.

If you are buying a house, it is time to grow up and take personal responsibility.

Stop whining on the internet. Go look for another house, but don't blame the home inspector because the seller didn't fix your little problem.

to Ten Million Dollar Producer Queens, New York, United States #858424

You brokers make so much money.

to Ten Million Dollar Producer Queens, New York, United States #972002

How do I become a broker?


I recently purchased an inspection of a Coop. The engineer completed the inspection and several hazardous conditions were pointed out to him for inclusion in inspection report.

Upon receipt, two of the discussed home concerns were left out of the report (attic wiring, missing fuse panel cover). Calling Heimer they agreed to update the report to include these. Upon receipt of the second report only one concern was addressed, the language used was very vague stating "There is incorrect wiring in the attic, this should be corrected at an estimated cost of..." Being that details were left out the seller refused and was unable to make these repairs, which will now be an added personal cost. I reached out the inspector directly to discuss the issue in detail and he was unable to give me any detail on the issue or how it should be fixed.

His response was that he estimated the cost higher than average because he didn't know how much it would cost to fix. After this conversation I reached out to the president Harold K. who yelled at me saying that I would need to write my complaint down or he wouldn't review it.


In addition to my first review, I have opened a case with the BBB, harold has requested in writing for customer whos name appears on agreement to allow me access to the report. After several written attempts harold refuses to respond.

Upon calling harold was extremely rude and refuses to accommodate.

I will never recommend this company to anyone!

to Rob L East Meadow, New York, United States #856580

You sound like a second grader whining about this. What normal person would write all this because he or she couldn't get the seller to make a repair.

You don't negotiate by posting public comments. Grow up.

to Ten Million Dollar Producer Queens, New York, United States #972004

Does that mean you make 10 million dollars every year?

to Rob L Queens, New York, United States #858426

Do you think sellers just fix things because you ask them? Hello, wake up out there.

Earth to Rob L.

This is New York. Get a thick skin, or move to some wussey place.

to Rob L Malverne, New York, United States #861034

Hey Rob L. Because of you and another misleading review, I didn't hire Heimer.

You cost me money, because I paid an incompetent home inspector instead of a real engineer. Are you giving me back the money. I explained it all to Mr. anonymous above, but Harold from Heimer helped me out.

And I met the guy. Harold is competent, friendly, and speaks very gently. You are lying when you say he is rude and yelled. What is wrong with you Rob L?

Harold helped me out, worked after hours to get me a report when a *** home inspector messed up, and called me back and answered my questions. Don't post any more reviews, since you don't know what you are talking about.

And your idiocy cost me money. Think about that the next time you post a *** review.

to Rob L Malverne, New York, United States #861036

One more thing, Rob L. Please proofread your posts.

After I reread it, I realized it didn't make sense.

That should have been a sign that I should not listen. I learned my lesson the hard way.

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